Casey Life Skills Program

The Red River Valley Juvenile Center utilizes the Casey Life Skills (CLS) program, which is a competency-based approach to identify areas youth may need additional assistance with to help meet their long-term life goals.

The program provides a comprehensive assessment and reporting package to assist with treatment plans tailored to each adolescent's needs.

The use of the Casey Life Skills program provides an independent treatment plan with an assessment of the adolescent's life skills that will assist in the development of goals and objectives to assist with the transition back into the community.

By tracking the adolescent's progress and establishing education priorities, an in-depth report can be provided to the referring agency representative(s) on the progress of the adolescent.

A variety of life skills training categories are included in this program.
Examples include:

  • Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  • Using Community Resources
  • Computer Literacy
  • Work and Study Habits
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Budgeting and Paying Bills
  • Their Permanent Connections to Caring Adults