Behavioral Programming

Adolescents placed in the Red River Valley Juvenile Center are offered educational services Monday through Friday during the school year, which is provided by Crookston School District #593.

A variety of group and individual programming is provided including, but not limited to, Aggression Replacement Training, Life Skills, Resiliency Group, Sexual Health Education, Physical Education and the cognitive-based programming using Decision Points.

Adolescents placed in the Decision Points 90-day program will be required to complete their individualized treatment plan goals as identified by their treatment team through the use of evidence-based risk assessment tools and intervention strategies.

Eight beds are available for each non-secure and secure programming male and female adolescent between the ages of 10 to 18.  An Individualized Treatment Program (ITP) is formulated on each resident in collaboration with the referring agency representative, the adolescent and their family and other involved parties.

Chemical dependency treatment services and individual therapy are available through the Northwestern Mental Health Center, which is located across the street from the facility.