When do I report to jail?

In most cases, the Court will set a report date at the time of your sentencing.  If the Court did not set a specific date for you to report, you should contact a Corrections Sergeant to arrange a time to self-surrender.  If the Court set a report date, but you don't remember the date, contact the Court Administrator's office for the County in which you were sentenced.  The jail does not always have the paperwork prior to your report date and you will not be accepted if there is no paperwork giving the NWRCC authority to detain you.  You are expected to report to jail on time.  Failing to report to jail on the specified date will likely result in a warrant being issued.

 How can I change my report to jail date?

Jail staff cannot change your report date and/or time.  If you are not able to report to jail on the date and time specified in Court, you should contact your attorney and ask that your attorney contact the sentencing Judge and request an extension to your report date.  If you fail to report to jail, a warrant for your arrest will be issued.

 How can I find out an inmates Court date?

Do not call the jail to find out when an inmate has Court.  If you would like to know when an inmate has Court, you should call the Court Administration Office of the county in which the inmate will appear.

 How do I post bail for an inmate?

Bail should be posted for an inmate at the appropriate Court Administration Office during regular business hours.  If you are posting bail after business hours, you can deposit bail money into the inmate’s account.  If the inmate has a negative account balance, you will need to deposit enough money to cover the negative balance as well as the bail amount. 

Minnesota Statute 629.53 Providing Release on Bail

A person charged with a criminal offense may be released with or without bail in accordance with rule 6.02 of the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Money bail is the property of the accused, whether deposited by that person or by a third person on the accused's behalf. When money bail is accepted by a judge, that judge shall order it to be deposited with the court administrator. The court administrator shall retain it until the final disposition of the case and the final order of the court disposing of the case. Upon release, the amount released must be paid to the accused personally or upon that person's written order. In case of conviction, the judge may order the money bail deposit to be applied to any fine or restitution imposed on the defendant by the court and, if the fine or restitution is less than the deposit, order the balance to be paid to the defendant. Money bail deposited with the court or any officer of it is exempt from garnishment or levy under attachment or execution.

 Can I write to an inmate?

You can write to an inmate using the following address:

Inmate name

816 Marin Avenue, Suite 110

Crookston, MN 56716

 What can I bring (or have someone drop off) when I report to jail?

You can only bring or have someone drop off the following items:

  • Money
  • Prescription Medication
  • Work Release / Sentence to Service (STS) Clothing

If you have a special need to bring in an item, you must obtain the approval of the on-duty Sergeant.

Approved items to be dropped off for an inmate must be done Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (excluding holidays) as all items must be screened by law enforcement personnel.

Any attempts to introduce contraband into the Northwest Regional Corrections Center will be referred to Law Enforcement for prosecution.