Juvenile Probation Services

Juvenile Probation Services

The Juvenile Probation Department of Tri-County Community Corrections provides a continuum of services to those minors and families who are referred to court. Through an extensive collaboration with community-based agencies and organizations, the Probation Department works to ensure that every child under its supervision receives appropriate guidance, structured programming, and appropriate services. Department staff also works closely with judges of the 9th Judicial District to develop alternative strategies that address the needs of minors without compromising public safety. Services are provided to minors in both the pre-adjudication and post dispositional stages of cases.

The Juvenile Probation Department of Tri-County Community Corrections is driven by the following objectives:

  • To pursue a treatment/rehabilitation philosophy that dictates each minor be addressed individually and receive services tailored to meet that minor’s needs.

  • To provide its services on an outreach basis, sending probation agents into the community to offer assistance and supervision in minor’s homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

  • To establish strong working relationships between probation agents and minors to make their court involvement an opportunity for change and growth.

  • To respond effectively to the increasingly complex needs of children, encouraging the involvement of parents/guardians and enlisting the support of the community.

  • To assist the court in developing interventions that serves the needs of the minor and facilitates the restoration of the victim and the community.

  • To employ a flexible supervision approach by assessing the needs of the minor while taking into account public safety risk factors. This approach ranges from low supervision, to moderate supervision, to high supervision.

  • To strengthen family ties whenever possible. However, probation agents will recommend the court remove children from their homes if the child's safety or the security of the public is jeopardized by the child's continued presence in the home.

  • To instill in all children a sense of responsibility for their actions and a belief in their own value and potential through a combination of individualized attention and community networking.

Additional Juvenile Probation Services

  • Social History Reports
  • Out of home placement screening and planning
  • Holding juveniles accountable to conditions of probation
  • Assist juveniles with school needs
  • Monitor Truancy issues
  • Assist juvenile in seeking employment
  • Assist juveniles in obtaining assessments
  • Assist juvenile in obtaining treatment services
  • Sex offender treatment
  • Predatory offender Registration
  • Searches
  • Urinalysis testing
  • DNA testing
  • Juvenile sex offender treatment
  • Alco-sensor testing
  • Crisis counseling
  • Conflict resolution
  • Cognitive behavioral classes
  • Victim empathy programs
  • Referral to victim services
  • Intensive supervision



Tri-County Community Corrections Diversion Program

If the child qualifies, diversion may be offered as an alternative to formal court proceedings. Parents and the child will appear in front of a panel of professionals and they will decide what consequences should be for this crime. If everything is completed in a timely manner, the file will be closed and there will be no court record. Diversion consequences are often similar to what the court would recommend.