Corrections Advisory Board

The Regional Corrections Board (RCB) delegates to the Corrections Advisory Board formulation of recommendations for program goals; monitor and evaluation of program progress and budget; and design/suggestions for the required Minnesota Department of Corrections Comprehensive Plan prior to final action by the Regional Corrections Board.  The Corrections Advisory Board authority is limited to an "advisory" capacity.

The Corrections Advisory Board may create an Adhoc committee when there is a specific need for such a committee.

Corrections Advisory Board Members:
(Includes all Regional Corrections Board members)

  • Greg Widseth, Polk County Attorney's Office
  • Elizabeth Brainard, Norman County Attorney's Office
  • Kathy Narlock, Polk County Court Administrator
  • The Honorable Judge Corey Harbott, 9th Judicial District
  • The Honorable Judge Anne Rasmusson, 9th Judicial District
  • Sheriff James Tadman, Polk County
  • Sheriff Ben Fall, Norman County
  • Sheriff Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County
  • Chief of Police Mike Hedlund, East Grand Forks MN
  • Chief of Police Darin Selzler, Crookston MN
  • Karen Warmack, Director, Polk County Social Services
  • Kristi Nelson, Director, Red Lake County Social Services
  • Nancy Rhen, Director, Norman County Social Services
  • Shauna Reitmeier, Director, Alluma Inc.
  • Mike Anderson, LICSW, Alluma Inc.
  • Sarah Reese, Director, Polk County Public Health
  • Trisha Hansen, MN Department of Corrections District Supervisor
  • Ex Officio Superintendent of Crookston School District #593
  • Harvey Uken, Citizen Representative
  • TCCC Department Heads attend at the request of the Executive Director