Decision Points

The Red River Valley Juvenile Center utilizes the evidence-based program Decision Points; a cognitive skills based program designed to develop the skills needed for adolescents referred to the 90-day program to achieve success in life.

Decision Points is designed to identify risk situations and prevent youth recidivism or problematic behavior.

Decision Points utilizes the risk-need-responsivity model to make a positive impact in the youth's life.

Decision Points is presented in an open group format with one introductory and four core lessons focusing on different steps in the trouble cycle.

The four core lessons utilize open discussion, role playing and homework for adolescents to practice the different areas of the trouble cycle.

  • Step one - is identification of thoughts and feelings that lead to offending;
  • Step two - is recognition of how actions can positively or negatively affect others;
  • Step three - is identification of a range of possible non-offending actions in risk situations;
  • Step four - is the use of pro-social thoughts and actions in risk situations.